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Grant Funds Available for Spiritual Care Services RHI Legacy Foundation - 11.13.2015

RHI Legacy Foundation is interested in receiving one-time funding requests from qualified non-profit organizations that serve people who live in Rutherford County, NC. Applications fro...

A Healthy Discussion Event RHI Legacy Foundation - 4.10.2015

RHI Legacy Foundation plans to award $500,000 in grants

Offering More Opportunities RHI Legacy Foundation - 4.09.2015

Opportunities for Women Arise

The Daily Courier wrote an article from our Women Together event on March 7, 2015. Take a look Read more

Philanthropy is More Than Charity RHI Legacy Foundation - 4.08.2015

Philanthropy is More Than Charity

We tend to think of philanthropy in terms of charity – sharing with others who have a need. Giving to others. Helping the poor. ...

Health Assessment RHI Legacy Foundation - 4.08.2015

75th of 100 Counties in Health Outcomes

Rutherford County ranks 75th of 100 counties in Health Outcomes, based on an equal weighting of length of life and quality of li...